Abdominal Fat / Belly Fat

Abdominal Fat / Belly Fat
Abdominal Fat / Belly Fat


A build-up of excess fat around the stomach is very common for both men and women. This concern is often determined by the pinchable pocket of fatty tissue that appears around the waistline or midriff area, making the torso look less toned and out-of-shape. This can then lead to feelings of self-consciousness as the body’s aesthetic appearance is considered undesirable and clothes may not look as flattering as preferred.

Abdominal fat / belly fat will develop for the same reasons that excess fat appears on other areas of the body. For many people, diet is the main reason for excess fat on the stomach. Eating more calories on a daily basis than the body requires, and / or consuming a diet that is higher in fat and sugar means the body takes in excess energy / fuel. The body will need a certain amount of calories each day (which will differ from person to person) in order to function, meaning that any excess will then be stored as fat. Although genetics will influence where in the body excess fat is distributed, it is common for this to be around a person’s middle. It’s also worth considering ageing as a factor in abdominal / belly fat, as the metabolism can slow down, and people generally become less active and burn off less calories.

Reducing abdominal / belly fat can be frustratingly difficult to achieve for some people, particularly when it comes to following a healthy lifestyle. It can often be a challenge to target the stomach area specifically in order to change the body’s shape. At The One Clinic we have a variety of procedures aimed at re-contouring the body and improving its appearance. These treatments can safely and effectively reduce deposits of fat and target the affected area more precisely.
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