Excess Body Fat – Arms / Fat / Back / Thighs

Excess Body Fat - Arm Fat / Bra Fat / Back Fat / Thigh Fat
Excess Body Fat - Arm Fat / Bra Fat / Back Fat / Thigh Fat


Excess body fat can build up in any area, including: the upper arms (bingo wings), back (back fat), around the bra strap (bra fat), stomach, hips, thighs, (thigh fat), buttocks, knees, around the face and under the chin.

This type of fat is usually subcutaneous fat (fat that accumulates beneath the skin’s surface) and can alter the shape of the body, causing some degree of self-consciousness.

For many people, excess body fat is the result of regularly eating more calories than the body needs. If this extra energy is not used up or burnt off, it will turn to fatty tissue which the body will store in various places. Where fat is distributed and stored around the body is usually a matter of genetics, and in some cases, can be difficult to shift (known as stubborn fat). Subcutaneous fat often makes body parts become wobbly and saggy-looking, with the affected area feeling soft and spongy. This type of fat is often easier to remove than visceral fat (fat that accumulates around the organs), which may be achieved through a conventional diet and exercise plan.

When excess body fat becomes resistant to usual weight loss methods and is proving difficult to shift, The One Clinic can provide a range of effective treatment options. Using innovative non-invasive procedures alongside a healthy lifestyle to help with reducing body fat is becoming very popular, and can produce effective long-term results. These treatments work to destroy the fat cells in the affected area, where they will be naturally disposed of by the body, leaving a slimmer, more sculpted-looking figure.

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