Turkey Neck / Necklines

Turkey Neck / Necklines
Turkey Neck / Necklines


The appearance of loose skin under the chin is often described as ‘turkey neck’, or ‘turkey wattle’. It’s a common concern that can be the result of natural ageing, with genetics, weight gain, lifestyle choices and environmental factors influencing how pronounced it becomes. As well as becoming saggy, ageing skin around the neck can also develop lines and wrinkles, which often accompany a turkey neck. Also known as necklines or neck bands, these wrinkles will appear horizontally on the neck, and are often longer than those that develop on the face.

Both sagging skin and wrinkles are the result of weak and thinning skin. This commonly occurs as part of the ageing process, when levels of collagen and elastin start to decline. Although this usually begins when a person is in their 20’s the effects will not often appear until they are 30 or 40+. Both collagen and elastin are proteins that are made in the skin, and are responsible for a firm, full and flexible complexion. As their levels decrease the skin loses volume and its ability to ‘bounce back’; factors which play a large part in the development of loose, wrinkled skin.

A good skincare regime is often key to maintaining the quality and condition of the skin, but many people forget to ensure this includes the skin around the neck. The One Clinic can advise on the best products to use on the face and neck, recommending additional in-clinic treatments to help improve the skin’s condition and reduce the appearance of a turkey neck.
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