Excessive Sweating

Excessive Sweating
Excessive Sweating


Although sweating is a normal bodily function, some people feel they sweat too much; a condition known as excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis. Sweating occurs to help the body regulate its core temperature, cooling the body when it gets too hot. Situations or activities such as: exercising, stress and anxiety are common causes for sweating, with a warmer climate also being a factor. However for some people, there is no obvious cause.

Hyperhidrosis can impact a person’s quality of life, causing embarrassment when damp patches appear on clothing. And in some cases this can be accompanied by an odour. The condition can affect areas including: the hands, feet, under the arms and face, but it would not be unusual for affected people to feel generally sweaty all-over their body.

Sweating is triggered by hormones that control the sweat glands, sending messages to the brain to produce moisture. When sweating is excessive or happens for no apparent reason, it is often because the sweat glands are overactive.

At The One Clinic we can effectively reduce excessive sweating by administering the same product we use in our anti-wrinkle injections. In the same way that this product inhibits muscle contractions, it can stop the nerves in affected areas from sending messages for the body to produce sweat. This treatment can have life-changing results, and will need to be repeated regularly in order for the outcome to be maintained.

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