Spider Veins / Thread Veins

Spider Veins / Thread Veins
Spider Veins / Thread Veins


Spider veins are a common skin irregularity. They most often appear on the face or legs, but pregnant women can also be prone to developing spider veins on their belly. They can also be referred to as thread veins and are determined by their web-like appearance, as they branch across the skin. Usually red or purple in colour, spider veins are simply visible blood vessels that are close to the surface of the skin. Many people develop a single strand, whereas others find they have a cluster of veins in one area, causing an aesthetic concern.

There are many factors that can cause thread veins to appear, usually from an increase of stress or pressure to the veins. This can damage or weaken the vein walls, causing them to burst and disrupt the usual flow of blood. Trauma, inflammation, impact, high blood pressure, weight gain and spending long periods standing or sitting are examples where certain areas of the body (especially the legs or feet) can experience changes in pressure to the veins.

Spider veins are also a typical symptom of a condition known as rosacea which affects the face. Skin inflammation causes regular facial redness and dilating of the veins, which may be attributed to the development of this concern on the nose or cheeks.

Whilst spider veins are usually found to be harmless, they may be accompanied by burning or itching. Sclerotherapy treatments are often an effective solution for reducing the appearance of thread veins, helping to collapse the thin vessel and redirect the flow of blood to a stronger, healthier vein.

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