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The skin in the lower face and around the jawline can start to lose volume as we age, developing sagging skin to produce a common concern known as ‘jowls’. These will usually appear on both sides of the face, with the loss in facial definition in this area causing the overall appearance to look tired and less youthful than it once did.

Sagging skin is one of the more commonly experienced ageing-related concerns. It occurs from the declining levels of collagen as we get older, which result from its lack of production. Collagen works hand-in-hand with elastin, and together these two proteins will maintain a firm, full and flexible complexion. We will all experience the ageing process, and it is normal for the skin to stop producing collagen when we are in our 20’s, which will then start to break down. As a result this will lead to the underlying tissues losing volume and elasticity, and the overlying skin becoming weak and thin. Gravity is also a consideration in the development of sagging skin and jowls, as it pulls down on less supported skin which will then begin to droop. The rate at which this process occurs depends on the individual and everyone will ‘age’ differently, with many cases of jowls causing the facial contours to change from a youthful ‘V’ shape, to a less desirable ‘A’ shape. Sagging skin can often age the face more than lines and wrinkles, with its development being accelerated by excessive sun exposure or fluctuations in weight.

The One Clinic treats sagging skin on the face by replacing lost collagen and restoring volume. Our expert clinicians apply the right dose of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to the skin, following the natural structure of the jawline. Tightening the skin through treatments can complement the dermal fillers and enhance the overall result.

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