Weak Chin – Weak Jawline

Weak Chin / Jawline
Weak Chin / Jawline


The shape of the chin and jawline can be very influential in the appearance of the overall facial profile.

When the chin and / or jawline are considered to be weak in appearance, which may be described as receding, it can cause an imbalance in facial harmony. A weak chin / jawline will typically sit further back towards the neck, rather than being more in line with the nose and mouth. A receding chin can also give the appearance of a double chin, as more of the skin beneath the chin is exposed, which may make the lower part of the face appear to be ‘weighty’. A weak jawline may lack the strong contouring of the lower face, a trait that many men desire for a more masculine look.

What causes a weak chin or weak jawline?

Genetics are the main reason for a weak chin / jawline as the shape and structure of the bones are determined by the genes we inherit. Alternatively, an injury or trauma can alter the shape of the bone structure. In many cases of a weak chin / jawline an aesthetic treatment can act as an effective solution. This is when the concern requires additional volume to the underlying tissues, appearing to ‘fill out’ the structure and create more defined contours. The One Clinic can achieve this by applying dermal fillers at specific points along the jawline, beneath the skin. An individual consultation will establish the approach we’ll take for your case, producing bespoke results according to your expected goal.

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