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Do you find yourself struggling to lose weight or simply maintain a healthy weight? Talk to the doctors at The One Clinic about how they can support you with weight loss in Leicester

Do not get stuck in an endless cycle of fad celebrity diets or weight loss medications that only help you with losing weight in the short term. Instead, focus on achieving healthy weight loss the right way with the help of a weight management service

At The One Clinic, we understand that healthy weight management is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We take the guesswork away and provide you with a clear path to help you achieve your weight loss goals. 

Our expert medical team works with you to create a tailored weight loss plan based on your personal circumstances. This will include a nutritional lifestyle programme that will support you with healthy eating and lifestyle habits. We may also recommend non-surgical treatments to help sculpt and tone your body too. 

If you are looking for a Leicestershire weight management service that can help you maintain a healthy weight, look no further than The One Clinic. Contact our team today to book an appointment. 




Reasons why it is hard to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight 

If you are eating a healthy and balanced diet and taking part in regular physical activity, but still not losing weight, there can be a number of reasons why. 


1.   You are still eating too much 

If you are still consuming too many calories, you will struggle to lose weight. This tends to happen when we do not keep track of what we are eating. This can include not cutting down enough on sugars and carbohydrates (even those considered healthy). You may also be eating too fast or overeating even the most healthy foods such as nuts and seeds. 


2.   You are not eating the right foods 

This might sound simple enough, but not everyone reacts to foods in the same way. One person’s healthy diet might not be healthy for the next person. Factors such as allergies or food intolerances can affect your ability to maintain a healthy weight. This is why it is important to not only eat healthy but to eat the right foods that give your body the nutrients it needs. 


3.   You are not exercising enough 

Regular physical activity can help you lose weight. When you do this with a balanced diet, that is even better. But sometimes, you can think you are doing enough exercise, but in fact, you are doing the wrong type and frequency of exercise. 

Certain lifestyle habits slow down weight loss such as sitting at work all day or not getting enough good sleep. These factors can slow down your metabolism and prevent you from losing weight. This is where advice from a doctor can help you get the balance right.


4.   A medical condition or medication is affecting weight loss

Certain medical conditions such as diabetes, hypothyroidism and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can make it harder to maintain a healthy weight. Equally, certain medications may also impact weight loss. If this is something that affects you, seeking advice from a doctor is your best option. 


Achieve healthy weight loss with our 12-month weight management programme 

If you are not hitting your weight loss goals (maybe because of some of the reasons above), our 12-month programme can help you get there.

We work with patients who are considered obese on the body mass index and those who are overweight, where healthy weight loss is recommended. 

We start by exploring your current diet and lifestyle. This enables our doctors to see what eating habits and foods are not working for you. At this stage, we will also look at any food intolerances, allergies or medical issues. 

This will help us build up a full picture of your personal profile and find suitable foods that will work for your body. From this, we can create a tailored weight management plan which will include diet and exercise. 

Depending on what you need, your 12-month plan may also include a prescription weight loss medication or injections. This does not replace your healthy eating plan and exercise routine, but rather supports it and works together to achieve your weight loss goals. 

If you also deal with stubborn pockets of fat that are difficult to shift with diet and exercise alone, we may also recommend a course of body contouring treatments. These may include RF body or vaser liposuction. We will only recommend these treatments once you are at a healthier weight.  


What is the price of the weight management service?

We tailor your weight management plan to suit your individual needs. Our goal is to help you build new eating routines and healthy lifestyle habits that will give you more energy and renewed joy in life. 

We have two price packages for your initial weight loss plan:


Medical Weight Management – this includes a full consultation and prescription weight loss medications. This starts from £150.


3 month package – this includes everything in the weight management package, but also includes monthly follow-ups to monitor your progress.


After you reach a healthy weight, your doctor may recommend one of the body contouring options to help shape and tone your physique. You may require a course of treatment to achieve optimal results. Your doctor will discuss this with you during your consultation. 

How often you will have a review with the doctor will depend on your individual circumstances and how you progress with the plan. 


Start your weight loss journey with The One Clinic Leicester 

If you are ready to achieve your weight loss goals, start by booking a consultation with one of our qualified doctors. This is where we can get to know more about you and what your current issues are with weight management. 

There is no judgment at The One Clinic. We are here to support you in becoming the most healthy and happy version of yourself. We pride ourselves on giving clear and honest advice so that you can feel comfortable in any decision you make. 



How to find us 

You can find our clinic in the centre of Leicester. We are easily accessible by car and public transport. We are only a five-minute walk from Leicester train station.



36 DeMontfort Street

Tel: 0116 216 2715


About Leicester 

Leicester is the 10th largest city in the UK, which is based in the East Midlands region of England. It is the county town of Leicestershire and sits on the River Soar.

The city of Leicester has a rich history, which dates back to Roman times. In fact, you can still see evidence of this today including the Jewry Wall and the remains of the Roman baths.

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