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Welcome to The One Clinic, a dedicated well woman clinic in Leicester. From routine health checks to specialised treatments, we provide a full range of services tailored to women’s health care needs.  

We understand that your health is important and that women experience different health concerns compared to men. This is why our team of doctors offer expert advice and guidance on health issues that impact women the most. 

From hormonal changes and sexual health issues to breast cancer screen, we can support you to improve your health and wellbeing. 

If you are looking for a women’s health clinic that provides a professional service and high standards of care, you’ll be in safe hands with The One Clinic.



A dedicated provision for women’s health care

Private clinics for women’s health are a great way to keep on top of your health. They can also help you understand what lifestyle choices you may need to change in order to maintain a good level of health and wellness. 

You may feel like you know your body well, but having a full professional health assessment will help to take away the guesswork. It will provide an in-depth overview of your current health and what you may need to look out for. 

From this, our doctors can provide tailored healthcare advice and treatment options. We offer a growing range of services, but at your consultation, you may want to discuss one or more of the following health concerns:


Menopause treatment 

Menopause is a natural biological process that every woman will go through at some point in their life. It marks the end of a woman’s reproductive years and can bring on a number of symptoms such as night sweats, mood swings and sleep problems. 

You can speak to one of our doctors about the different treatment options and how to get your symptoms under control. This may include Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to help balance your naturally lower levels of oestrogen. 


Smear tests

A smear test, also known as cervical screening, is a test that helps to check the health of the cervix. These tests are offered to all women who are between the age of 25-64.

Women usually have a smear test every three years, but this can become more regular if a doctor detects abnormal cells. With regular tests, we can identify any changes in the health of your cervix and look at the chances of you developing cervical cancer in the future. 


Breast screening

Breast cancer is a common form of cancer that affects women. You are more likely to develop breast cancer as you get older and if there is a family history of women suffering from breast cancer. 

Going for a regular check-up of your breasts can help detect any signs of cancer at an early stage. This may help with treatment moving forward. 


Choose The One Clinic for all your women’s health needs

When it comes to your health, you want to be comfortable and confident that you are making the right choices. That is why you cannot compromise when choosing the right healthcare provider. 

At The One Clinic, you will be a patient at one of the most friendly clinics in Leicester. We strive to create a safe and warm environment where you can discuss your concerns with a professional, while also receiving the best possible care. 

We are a clinic who are committed to supporting women at every stage of their lives. Whether you are going through the menopause or planning to have a family, we can give you the support and guidance you need. 



How to find us 

You can find our clinic in Leicester city centre. We are easily accessible by car and public transport. We are only a five-minute walk from Leicester train station.



36 DeMontfort Street



Tel: 0116 216 2715


About Leicester 

Leicester is a large town in the East Midlands that has a rich and unique history. It is known for being the burial place of King Richard III. His tomb was buried in Leicester Cathedral. 

The history also shines through its beautiful outdoor spaces and parks. This includes Bradgate Park, a medieval park where lots of deer roam free. It was also home to Lady Jane Grey and houses the UK’s oldest fossils.  

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